Declension Tension

When preparing a blog entry earlier in the week, I found myself wondering whether “colossus” was a Latin or a Greek “-us” noun.  As I’m sure all my readers will be aware, this would affect the formation of the plural and as you will have seen I went with the Latin option “colossi” rather than the Greek “colossodes”.  Though now I’ve written it down, I do prefer the Greek – but my dictionary was less than keen, even going so far as to suggest the frankly ugly “colossuses”.

All this thinking about Greek plurals, coupled with the cricket from Down Under, caused the sudden realisation that the Antipodes is a plural – of antipous (opposite foot, or something similar).  I’m sure this will have been obvious to everyone else for years – but it did take me back to my Classics lessons in the late 1970s.   It was then that I was first taught how to decline a noun.  As I recall, a simple “no, thank you” was considered sufficient under most circumstances.

I can only apologise.

Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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