Metablog One

This is where I completely smash down the fourth wall (admittedly, I have granted it only limited respect heretofore) and drive a coach and horses into the metaphorical auditorium (in case you are worried and have moved back from the screen, the coach and horses are also metaphorical).

In this post, the blog will refer to itself – risking recursion or even paradox – but I am without fear (well, if we ignore heights, enclosed spaces and a number of more esoteric phobias which I will cover in some later post).

To my astonishment, the inane ramblings of your electronic interlocutor have now received more than 200 “views”.  I’m fairly sure I have only mentioned this blog to four people – so it seems likely that the readership has grown or the four have viewed it 50 times each.  To be honest, either option is somewhat alarming and proof positive that care in the community isn’t working.

I find writing it oddly cathartic, it is a method to harangue a small crowd without any of the usual, concomitant social awkwardness that would ensue (BTW, isn’t awkward an amazing word – W K W can’t be a common sequence of letters in English).  It also provides an outlet for my heavy-handed attempts at humour, an opportunity to provide some much needed exercise for splendid (but underused) words I am unable to home within my business writings and a way to share my frankly dreadful jokes.  At this point I should warn you that my favourite post (by a long way) is Declension Tension – I know it is only a sub-cracker standard joke dressed up with some pseudo-intellectual trappings, but I love it.  (I am also somewhat alarmed that someone rated SOC Sawston a 5 Star post – I can only assume fat fingers or some sort of ocular disturbance were involved).

Please do feel free to use the ratings system (or leave comments if you can work out how) – it will give you the pleasing illusion that you, in some way, control the direction in which this blog will lurch as time unfolds (it may even be more than an illusion).

Writing the blog has also made me realise why so many people write as part of a team – the muse is a fickle jade and sometimes days can pass without a thought worth sharing crossing the howling void between my ears (luckily, I don’t let this stop me posting).  Some days I worry I’m turning into Ed Reardon – other days I view this as a positive outcome..

Normal (normal?!) service will now be resumed (further metablogs may arise in the future, but probably not in the past unless my experiments in temporal physics start bearing fruit).

Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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