A Tough Week for the Mobile Phone

I notice the phone hacking scandal rumbles on. As a sometime user of public transport, I am often forced to “hack” into mobile phone calls – but have yet to hear anything even mildly diverting. I still await the News of the World front page headline, “I’m on the train”.

I must admit I’m not a big fan of the mobile phone – I use it to a very limited extent and, all too often, have it on Silent mode where it can more readily be ignored. When I do use it, it is only as a substitute for proper planning (and I fear what damage the mobile is doing to the ability of future generations to plan successfully). I hanker for the days of my youth when the only phone was tethered to the wall in a chilly hallway.

However, this week a couple of news stories suggest others have taken their dislike of the mobile phone (their own or, more often, that of others) to even greater extremes than myself.

Someone in the Ukraine would seem to have fed theirs to a crocodile in a modern day taken on Peter Pan (certainly, one of the few uses my phone gets is as an alarm clock). I suppose a modern Captain Hook will learn to fear a snatch of some entry in the current hit parade rather than the more prosaic ringing bells of the original tale.

However, today British scientists plan to go still further and send their mobile phone(s) into orbit. As I recall from the strap-line to Alien, “In space, no-one can hear you scream” and this would equally apply to ringtones and inane conversation (though I fear texting and Twitter may still be possible). I can only applaud their efforts to restore peace and quiet to our public spaces and the attention of our young (and not so young) people to their current location and companions.

Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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