Let’s Boycott Subway

Let’s be clear, I have nothing against subterranean public transport systems. No, here I refer to the US chain purveyor of rather unpleasant sandwiches – often shaped like a paralysing fish (sometimes called the crampfish or numbfish – look it up!).

This boycott is not, as you might imagine, a result of the low culinary or nutritional standards or the worse customer service. No, instead it is a response to their “pulling” of their advertising from the US version of the Channel 4 Series “Skins”.

I must admit that I don’t watch Skins these days. I thought the second series was absolutely brilliant, and I did try watching series 3 – but was forced to conclude that I was just way too old to be a viewer (though having said that, in the first episode there is a scene where one character breaks every college rule with great economy in less than one minute which still makes me chuckle).

Despite being a middle-aged, middle-class curmudgeon (as regular readers will be all too aware), I found nothing to offend my delicate sensibilities in the programme (which has almost certainly been toned down for our American friends), just a wonderful sense of energy and joie de vivre (it did make me feel a tad old – and that I might always have been a tad old – but I feel the fault there lies with me).

I would encourage any of the Skins generation who read this blog (as if) to avoid Subway in protest – and enjoy an improvement in the quality of, and their pleasure in, their diet as a positive consequence.

Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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