First for Martians

No blogs yesterday as I was in Woking on business. What can I say about Woking that hasn’t been said before? Something nice perhaps?

I do know one slightly diverting thing about Woking…

In recent years, when this planet has been invaded from space (I refer to the medium of soi-disant entertainment, rather than alluding to any government cover-ups), our wannabe alien overlords seems to choose New York, Washington or some other major, recognisable US city as their first target. I think we can blame Hollywood and its satellites for this projected focus for extra-terrestrial plans for lebensraum.

In the last few years, BBC Wales has done its best to convince us that Cardiff is, in fact, the primary target for non-human interest in the earth. However, if we return to the first tale of alien invasion, we find their primary target was (drum roll, please) Woking! Yes, in H G Wells original “War of the Worlds” the Martians chose Woking for the spearhead of their attack. He who controls Woking, controls the world! Or they did in the late Victorian era when rather more of the world map was coloured pink than is now the case. Even today, invading Martians would have access to fast, regular rail services to Waterloo and the South West – but I wouldn’t recommend they use the roads, some of the pot-holes could swallow a tripod whole!

Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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