Metablog: Supplemental

(Subtitle: Well Trousered, Sir!)

I think we all knew that I was enough of a geek that I would be able to use some of the argot of the United Federation of Planets.   In fact, you should imagine these metablogs being read in the voice of Patrick Stewart (none of the other Starfleet captains were anything like as well served in the voice department) which would give these electronic utterances a welcome, if entirely undeserved, gravitas.

Blogging has had its challenges this week as WordPress suffered a Denial of Service attack on Thursday.  I like to imagine it was “the man” trying to silence me – perhaps an assault on my searing political insights but more likely in response to the broadside of waterfowl based puns unleashed on Wednesday.  Either way, better people have been trying to silence me for many years – but with rather limited success so far…

As I may have mentioned before – but am far too lazy to check – WordPress let’s me know the details of any searches which bring the unwary into my electronic clutches.  This morning, some “innocent” was brought to my electronic door searching for “disturbed trousers”.  This was slightly surprising, so I checked myself – and to my alarm I find that this blog is the top result on Google for the phrase “disturbed trousers”.

So, you heard it here first – this blog is the number one destination in the entire internet (billions upon billions of pages) for anyone seeking disturbed trousers.  But fear not, I shall not be resting on my laurels (though lesser men might consider such fame enough to cap a lifetime of achievement).

One thought on “Metablog: Supplemental

  1. SnowGiraffe says:

    You are self pertpetuating in your Google results as having blogged that you were number one for “disturbed trousers”, you are now number one and two!

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