Moving Up

I am just returned from a programme of Beethoven violin sonatas at Peterhouse. Curiously, the violinist was the mother of the horn player from Thursday night’s Mass in B Minor – I don’t knowingly know any relatives of the man at the fortepiano (though I was rather impressed by the knee “pedals” on his instrument – not sure what a knee-operated device should be called).  The concert was truly stunning – but was almost eclipsed (and I choose this word deliberately) by an incident during the interval.

When returning to my seat after a glass of wine in the interval, I almost knocked over the Astronomer Royal (a real celebrity, unlike so many non-entities who would wish to claim that appellation).  I rather fear that had I sent Martin Rees flying, I may have found myself spending some time at Her Majesty’s displeasure – it’s not quite arson in the dockyards, but I still don’t think it would have gone down too well.  I’d never seen the Master of Trinity standing up before – I’ve either seen him seated or only heard his voice, and had, as a result, gained the impression that he was rather taller than was in fact the case.  Still, I’m now hanging out with a Baron (and a fellow mathematician – though he did rather beat my 2.1) – so my social climbing continues.

Talking of the out-going President of the Royal Society, I feel that his great contribution to science should be commemorated – and I feel this should be in the form of a great arch. I just think a Rees Arch would be an appropriate memorial.

In related news, I might try and link this with Radio 1’s early breakfast DJ running away to Gretna Green to be joined in wedlock.  As Dev elopement and Rees Arch seem to make natural bedfellows.

You can’t imagine how long I’ve been waiting for a hook for that arch “joke” – and then I literally trip over one (it could almost make one believe in some sort of supreme being – or at the very least, Fate).

Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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