The Wales Way

.. where the wind’s like a whetted knife, to paraphrase John Masefield.

As admitted in the About page of this blog, my familial name is from the Principality – though has become mildly augmented in its travels through time.  My other given (as opposed to taken) names have rather less of a Welsh flavour about them.

Reading an article in the Technology section of the Grauniad today, I saw a way to reclaim some increased Welshness via my middle name.   Seldom used, except on forms, my middle name is Kenneth  – which apparently has a Pictish origin though further back the source name hails from Cornwall and also passed into Wales (the Brythonic languages were less distinct then than is the case today).  The article was penned (or more likely typed) by a chap hight “Cennydd” which looked Welsh to me – but then again, “llama” looks Welsh to me (and South America does have a decent Welsh population) but apparently comes from the Quechua.  My limited knowledge of Welsh pronunciation suggested it might be homophonous with my middle name.  After a little research (OK, recourse to Google and Wikipedia) I was able to confirm both my pronunciation and its status as the Welsh variant of Kenneth.

So, in future I shall be Stuart Cennydd Ffoulkes – sounds the same, but it says Wales right through the middle (like a stick of Welsh rock).  My new initials will be SCF – which will help to avoid confusion with a Swedish maker of ball bearings (it hasn’t happened yet, but you can never be too careful!).  The other big advantage of SCF is that it can be used as a musical signature: E Flat, C, F, F when I compose my magnum (other iced lollies are available) opus.

You may think me mad, but I prefer to think of it as a form of C Fever (in an overly contrived callback to Mr Masefield and the source of the title for this post).

Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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