Morality Tale

Today’s story concerns a once great sportsman who has fallen on hard times as his life moves into its final years.  He is living in a small flat in an anonymous town, and his one joy in life is a shelf on which are displayed all the medals and trophies from his earlier, illustrious career.  Then, one day, disaster strikes and the shelf collapses – though luckily the sporting memorabilia suffers little damage.

Our hero takes this as a sign and decides to sell his momentos.  The sale nets a surprisingly large amount of money, many tens of thousands of pounds, but rather than keeping the proceeds and improving his lifestyle, our hero gives all the money to charity. Truly, an act of shelf-less generosity.

The inspiration for this improving tale came to me as I lay in agony while my masseur did something unspeakable to my IT bands (part of my leg, rather than my PC) and I noticed the two screws projecting forlornly out of the wall, bereft of shelf.  “Let’s share this pain with others”, thought I – and so now I have!

Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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