Cake Walk

Safely ensconced at Glandwr Mill, it would seem that the title of this post does not create quite the dialectical opposition I had previously suggested.  My first two days in Cymru have each yielded both a fine walk and an excellent cake.  As a result, I can confirm that T H Roberts remains the cake connoisseur’s cafe of choice in this part of the world.

The rain, for which Wales is justly famed (and which my Sawston garden sorely needs), does serve at least two very useful purposes.  This morning’s downpours permitted a guilt-free lie-in and lazy morning (neither of which will be delivered by tomorrow’s sunny prognosis).   When the sun came out this afternoon (I’d always suspected something, you never hear mention of a girlfriend), we discovered it had also re-charged the local rivers so the Torrent Walk more than lived up to its billing – some seriously raging waters and evidence (for the more fanciful rambler) of a game of Pooh sticks played by local giants (I suppose there might be a more prosaic explanation for the tree trunks in the river – but I’m sticking with whimsy).

Tomorrow’s itinerary does not allow an excursion into Dolgellau, so any posts tomorrow night could see our hero going through the cake equivalent of cold turkey.  What this will mean for the quality (or even quantity) of any material produced is hard to judge…


2 thoughts on “Cake Walk

  1. Niki Richardson says:

    Surely, even in Wales, one should be able to ‘phone out’ for cake, like you can for pizza. Failing that, you are resident with the best cake baker around – surely she could rustle something up?

  2. Stuart Ffoulkes says:

    When I used to work in Madrid, you could get tele-anything – whereby a Spanish youth on a moped would deliver a pizza, sandwich or whatever else your heart desired in response to a telephone call (and the promise of some pesetas – it was a few years ago). I’ve not seen the Welsh equivalent, or not yet…

    I can, of course, bake my own very fine cakes – but it’s a matter of principle. I like to choose from a surprising selection of cakes and never have the same cake twice – and this is quite tricky to do if you are making your own (or even if you make your mother do it for you) unless you are willing to accept rather an extreme amount of waste (we also have slightly limited cake making infrastructure available to us).

    On the plus side, I did have a perfectly serviceable slice of lemon drizzle cake in Rhyd Ddu for elevenses.

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