Fleet (Fire)fox is…

… useless, or at least very unhelpful in the guise of its fourth version upgrade.

No blog yesterday, not through any cake-related incapacity on my part but due to a Firefox-based issue with my surfing equipment (making this Acer Aspire One my board, log, gun or fish – I’ve got all the lingo!).  Firefox has been bullying me to upgrade from 3.6 to 4.0 for some time to make my computer safer from internet-borne unpleasantness.  This bullying moved on to replacing an ever increasing area of each webpage with a “reminder” – so I finally weakened and gave in to the pressure (I know, never the correct response to a bully – I should really have tried to tackle the low self-esteem issues that were driving Firefox to become a bully in the first place).

The upgrade was very successful in reducing the risk posed to my Acer from the internet, by completely preventing me from surfing at all – I was, to use the vernacular, blown-out – so I suppose I shouldn’t complain (but I’m going to anyway).

I did, eventually, manage to resurrect version 2.0 of Firefox which, presumably, hugely increased my risk of wipe-out – but did allow me access to the net.  Using this dangerous surfing method, I found hints as to how to get Firefox 4 to actually run – which required more low-level Linux than I have ever used before (in fact, I haven’t used such low-level programming since I wrote in 6502 Assembly Language as a teenager – no I wasn’t a geek, everyone used Assembly Language in the early eighties).  To make the necessary changes, I had to be a super-user – a role which fortunately required no lycra (obviously my chiselled physique would look great in it, but I hadn’t brought any with me to Wales) and allowed me to keep my under-crackers on the traditional (for me at least) side of my trousers (though, as it’s you, I will admit that topologically it is quite hard to define a “side” for trousers).

Still, after several hours of superhero activity (only imagining I was clad in skin-tight lycra with a giant “U “appliqued to the chest – well, I think the Linux terminal would count as a virtual world so the dress-code must be imaginary.  One plus four “i”s would be an obvious leg wear choice), I did finally manage to restore a functioning and recent version of Firefox (4.0.1) but by then was too drained by my exertions to blog.

So, to help explain the title, I spent much of yesterday evening suffering from the Helplessness Blues (how street/indie am I?).  But now, I’m stoked.

Surf’s Up!

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