The Weight is Over

Upon my return from the land of my fathers (well, fore of them at least), my weight had risen to 13st 1lb – which might suggest the influence of Ms Antoinette was stronger than that of Ms Andrews. However, my body fat was down to 9% and my waist seems diminished (well, my trousers have descended to a position more commonly associated with the young and foolish than the foolish of my advanced years, unless constrained by belt or braces).

I think this means it is going to be tricky to use my weight variation as a proxy for a rain gauge.  I blame my body adapting to walking up (and down) steepish gradients rather than cycling on the (mostly) flat for the confusing results.  Still, it did permit use of a dodgy pun in the title – so I consider the whole project a success!

Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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