Pulp Diction

I listen to BBC 6Music of a morn as I find Shaun Keaveny’s foolishness a great way to interest me in the new day.  After the departure of the Togmeister, I did have a brief breakfast dalliance with Radio 3 but eventually I was captured by the Keaveny charm. Perhaps worryingly, over time I have found that I am beginning to enjoy the music as well which, I suppose, can only be good for my ‘street cred’ – as long as it’s a fairly indie street.

This morning the BBC were plugging an interview which Steve Lamacq was due to conduct with the members of the once, and recently re-formed, popular 90s beat combo, Pulp.  Mr Lamacq’s slightly eccentric speech patterns meant that the ‘plug’ made frequent reference to the band’s reformation, rather than the more usual re-formation pronunciation one might have anticipated.  As a result, I found myself picturing Jarvis Cocker pinning 95 theses to a church door in Wittenburg (or, perhaps more likely in Sheffield – a city sited on seven hills, much like the spiritual heart of the Holy Roman Empire).   Still, good to know pop music will no longer tolerate the sale of indulgences.

I await the counter-reformation with interest.

Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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