Game old bird!

Listening to 6Music, I just heard “Queen gets 3rd in Derby” as a news headline.  Not bad for a woman in her eighties!  Particularly impressive when you consider the rest of the competitors were on horseback.

Or perhaps she was taking part in a look-a-like competition in the East Midlands?  If so, I wonder who she came as?  Disappointing result if she came as herself…

Later in the same bulletin, I heard someone being interviewed say that there were anti-aircraft batteries in the theatre.  Sadly, I didn’t catch which theatre (I should probably be paying more attention) – I hope it’s not the Globe as they will distract from the performance and certainly don’t fit with the Elizabethan vibe for which the Globe seems to be aiming (though I suppose they could be fired without damaging the roof).  I do wonder if I should have allowed that last sentence (prior to its parenthetic extension) to end with “for”, but old habits die hard and at least, with the construction I chose, Fowler will have been appeased.

Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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