Staff room

I passed a (relatively) smart hotel in Cambridge earlier today and noticed an advertisement for one of its services.  It seems that when you stay at this particular hostelry, there is a safe place to leave your gentleman’s gentleman (or manservant, if you will) when you do not require his services.

However, if you have also brought a more menial servant with you, there seems no equivalent stabling option.  Presumably, your more lowly staff must fend for themselves, 0r run amok through the streets of the city.  When will a hotel finally offer varlet parking for their wealthier (and somewhat archaic) clientele?

I know!  But it wouldn’t fit within 142 characters…

4 thoughts on “Staff room

  1. matathew says:

    I rather enjoyed this, which comes in at 670 characters (excluding title) and, as you suggest, it wouldn’t necessarily work so effectively if re-issued as a four part tweet epic.

    In an entirely frivolous spirit, I contribute this sad tale which shows that the pilot scheme in the U.S. has been distinctly customer un-friendly.

  2. Stuart Ffoulkes says:

    You have just given me the idea to develop something that would work as a multi-part Twitter epic: each part would need to be somewhat self-contained and might end with a cliff-hanger to keep the readers coming back (though that could be tricky in 140-odd characters). I would be like a modern day Charles Dickens – though with fewer words, less social comment and a significantly less impressive writing style. Brace yourself for “Oliver Tweets”, “A Tweet of Two Cities” or perhaps “The Pickwick Tweets”.

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