One Man’s Meat

I found myself musing on the subject of anthropophagy.  It is normally opined, I trust by those who have not attempted the practice, that people taste somewhat like pork – or perhaps chicken (as all unsampled or unusual meats are posited to share that particular flavour).  On my, thankfully, rare visits to crematoria, the bereaved have never been assaulted by the aroma of roasting pork – but I put this down to the very high temperatures used in the process or to well designed ventilation systems, rather than taking this as evidence to contradict the common view.

It struck me, though, that if one were to sample the lower leg – and in particular the gastrocnemius and/or soleus – then it should more properly taste like veal.

To save you recourse to Google (NRTB) – and the risk of providing further aggrandisement to that corporation – I should point out that the gastroc and soleus are the two main muscles of the human calf.

If anyone is unfamiliar with NRTB (hard to believe perhaps, but like St Luke’s gospel this blog aims for universality), may I refer you to the housekeeper in Jill’s Gymkhana (and subsequent tales about young Ms Crewe – at whom you no longer need to change for Holyhead, ever since electrification back in 1974).

Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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