Trusted like the Fox

Or, so Worcester described treason in Henry IV Part I: was old Will the Nostradamus of these isles?  Should I be searching his works for other clues to the future?

Our beleaguered Defence Secretary is all over the news like a rash (or cheap suit if you prefer) at the moment.  In the days before his best man began to appear mis-named, the titular head of the MoD was generally referred to as Liam Fox.  He is now referred to almost exclusively as Dr Fox – bringing a DJ of years gone by to the minds of many of a certain age – though it is unclear in what subject his doctorate might be.   Surely, if he has been naughty, he should be referred to by his full name – including any middle names – as would any other mis-behaving child (and perhaps dispatched either to the naughty step or his room without any supper).  I have been unable (on the basis of a rather cursory search) to discover the chap’s middle-name – unless Liam is his middle name, and his forename is Doctor.

On the news this morning, one of his colleagues bemoaned the fact that Dr Fox was the subject of a mass pursuit by the media and his political opponents.  I had thought Fox-hunting had been banned by the previous government – though perhaps that was only with dogs, perhaps hunting with journalists is still permissible?  Or is this all part of a cunning (like a fox!) strategy by one “half” (warning, not all halves are equal) of the Coalition to make fox hunting acceptable to the electorate?  Has poor old Liam been sacrificed so that men in red can once more chase his bushy-tailed brethren across the countryside armed only with horses, a pack of dogs and a basic brass instrument?

If the balloon does go up for our Defence Secretary, I would strongly recommend a new career as a milliner (or cheesy DJ).


Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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