Philosophical Fencing

Just to the south of Cambridge station, a new block of flats (or, apartments as I suspect its sponsors would prefer) is rising.  The building is up to two and a bit floors, but has almost no walls.  To prevent the chaps (sorry, no sight of a chapess so far) working on the site from falling from the first floor to their doom, a yellow metal barrier has been erected around the edge of the floor (where one day, I presume, a wall will stand).  This barrier is part solid and part grille and advertises that it was provided by a firm by the name of KGuard.  I rather like to imagine that the K stands for “Kierke” – and as a man who wrote several books entitled “Upbuilding Discourses”, the Danish father of existentialism strikes me as very much the right philosopher for the job.

Even without Kierkegaard on their payroll, the fencing should provide Immanuel barrier so that workers Kant fall off.

KGuard promote themselves as “world leaders in edge protection” which is a very fine strap line for any business – and “edge protection” does have a rather philosophical feel to it as a concept.  It also suggests that they provide bodyguards to at least one member of U2.

Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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