Raw work

Such is my apathy that this blog has never strayed from the default font which forms a part of the Twenty Ten theme (slightly outdated perhaps, but I like to imagine it creates feelings of nostalgia).  I don’t even know its name – though I have occasionally been emboldened to use its italic form (or emitaliced to use its bold one).

In fact, to be honest, I have no idea how to change the font – but that does not prevent me from speculating about the possibilities.

Were I to use saltier language, or if I were to try and reproduce the speech of Gordon Ramsay, I feel I should switch to a cursive font.  If writing about delivery, then I would choose Courier. For a piece about operatic solos, my first choice would be Arial whilst a discussion of neutrality would call for Helvetica.

I’m not quite sure what a style of print has to do with the washing away of sin, but I assume that a 14th century church would use a Gothic font.  And surely, someone must have named a typeface Baptismal?  If not, I wish to claim the name now – I’ll work on the graphical element later.  It would be the ideal font to use for the work of P G Wodehouse, if nothing else (though my copy of the Jeeves Omnibus is set in the rather Germanic sounding “Ehrhardt”).

Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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