The power of the blog…

A week ago, I asked the readers of GofaDM to petition any deity (or deities), with which they may have a positive relationship, to provide some frost to the beleaguered forced rhubarb farmers of West Yorkshire.  Well, in the environs of Fish Towers we have had a hard frost every night since that request was published – so I’m assuming that the more northerly region which is home to the rhubarb triangle should also have been well-frosted.

I admit that I am uncertain how much frost forced rhubarb actually needs and whether the recent cold weather is enough.  However, I was able to obtain my first sticks of Wakefield’s finest from Waitrose on Friday – there wasn’t much, so I bought two-thirds of their entire stock (leaving one packet for the rest of Cambridge)  – so I figure that the cold snap has been long enough.  Certainly, the novelty has worn off for me as the recent weather has made for some seriously chilly cycling (and I’m starting to run out of warm clothes).  So, can I ask you all to stop bending the ears of the divine with requests for falling mercury?  Or at least to tighten the geographical focus of you prayers?

This incident has made me realise the extraordinary power of GofaDM.  I make a relatively frivolous request on-line and within 24 hours the temperature plummets.  What should I do with this terrible power?  Will this new power corrupt me – or at least tend to do so (to paraphrase Lord Acton)?  Absolutely!

It seems that now is the perfect time to realise my ambitions for planetary dominion…

Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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