Theology for today’s world

As many will know, I am quite the amateur theologian: boasting as I do a decent pass at “O” Level Religious Studies (and with some upcoming RS content in my OU course).  The “O” level focused on the gospel according to St Luke – and we were, of course, a good 1.5% closer to the events described back then.  It also covered sex and marriage – but as I have little practical interest in either exercise, I fear this knowledge may have somewhat withered over the years (I do have a vague recollection that the sequencing of the two activities was considered quite important).

Anyway, to return to the stories of the well-known first century (AD or CE, as you prefer) conjurer and raconteur.  I seem to recall that he instructed his top followers to become “fishers of men” – and earlier today, I did find myself wondering how well this would play to a modern-day, European audience.  Would they expect the disciples to be required to adhere to strict quotas?  Worse, would they have to throw the small ones back?  And, as a fan of both the albatross and dolphin, what about the bycatch?

I think modern translations should either avoid the fishing metaphor altogether, or be very clear about the importance of “line and pole” sustainable techniques in the harvesting of humanity.


Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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