Conquering Antarctica

For the avoidance of doubt, I am not intending to tackle my mid-life crisis by trekking solo to the South Pole.  Strikes me as way too much like hard work (and rather chilly for a chap who dislikes wearing jumpers) and I’m not a big fan of sliding, I prefer a certain minimum value of friction between myself and the deck.

For the last two or three weeks, WordPress has been reporting the home location (or, at least current location) of visitors to GofaDM.  To my considerable surprise, I have already covered six of the earth’s seven continents: I only lack a visitor from Antarctica.  I will admit that some of the continents have been infrequent visitors – and may well have arrived in my clutches by mistake, but a page view is a page view (as you see, I have no fear of tautology).

So, I now found myself wondering what I can do to appeal to an Antarctic audience.  Suspecting that your average penguin or seal is not terribly web-savvy, I feel my best chance is to target the itinerant human population.  I’m not entirely sure what might bring in the most southerly audience on earth: memories of the north, perhaps?

I can remember a joke from childhood which might strike a chord with the residents of McMurdo station.

Q: What animal would you most like to be if you were stationed at the South Pole?

A: A little otter!

I never said it was good: just mildly relevant…


Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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