Watery whimsy

Not a discussion of small china ornaments with an aquatic theme, nor even a further tilt at the current severe drought – though I am thinking of moving my valuables to higher ground (better safe than soggy!).  For readers who can remember my last take on the drought, I am pleased to report that the pond that Gaia made has proved fruitful, and now boosts a clutch of mallard ducklings.  The pond that man made has not done anything to bring joy to the heart – and still seems to struggle to hold water.

Over the weekend, I saw some televisual marketing by a muti-national purveyor of cleaning products which played on the current interest in the London Olympics.  This used a famous (I assume) swimmer to plug the benefits of one of their dandruff dispelling hair preparations.  The chap seemed to suggest that worrying about dandruff impeded his progress through the water – but with the product in question, a weight was lifted from his mind.

I am no expert on swimming – in the world of strokes, I am very much a breast man and my mastery of even that is pretty poor (I can either do it properly or breathe – but not both) – but I am pretty sure that at the Olympic level, chaps wear a cap which completely conceals their barnet (and thus any evidence of scalp-based afflictions).  He must be a sensitive chap indeed to be so concerned about an invisible affliction.

Given the plethora of sporting activities and participants at the Olympics, surely this multinational could have found someone whose flowing locks would be proudly on show as they demonstrate their sporting prowess to the viewing public?  I don’t work in marketing and have little interest in sport, but I think even I could have done better to match sport to product.  (For the avoidance of doubt, I should make clear that I am not angling for a new job here.)

Whilst cycling home today, I passed a plumber’s van which was adorned with the marketing slogan “Bathrooms by design!”.  Presumably, this was to contrast with all those bathrooms that one sees which have arisen through pure chance.  I like to think I’m a fan of the theory of evolution – by far the best explanation to date of the complexity of the living world – but do try and resist the current tendency to apply it to absolutely everything.  In particular, I had never thought to apply it to the layout of the home.  I somehow doubt that a spare bedroom could ever evolve into a bathroom: how ever long you waited.  This is one instance where some sort of conscious design is needed – though, given some of the bathrooms I’ve seen over the years, it would seem that intelligent design is not a requirement.  Even my own bathroom, while admirable in many ways – does have a rather eccentrically placed window.  Perhaps a better slogan for the plumber would be “Well designed bathrooms!”?


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