It is well known that some of the Scots (well, Alex Salmond at least) would like to leave the UK for the supposedly greener grass of independence.  I think he’s hoping to fund his new dominion from North Sea oil; I fear no-one’s plucked up the courage to tell him that most of it’s gone.

I also recall a famous recent incident where some part of the EU bureaucracy managed to publish a map of Europe which lacked the land of my fathers: Wales.  However, this was later revealed to be a mistake.

The forthcoming Olympics appears to reveal another coming schism in the realm.  Whenever talking about the sportsmen and women who will represent these Isles, they are described as “Team GB”: in which I presume the “GB” is a contraction of Great Britain.  Now, the country of which I am a citizen is called “the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”, to give its full title.  Odd then that our Olympic team seem to have dispensed with Northern Ireland altogether: perhaps this is intended as an indictment of the lack of sporting prowess to be found in Ulster?  No, I rather think that Mr Osborne has sold it to some foreign power in order to reduce the deficit.  When were they planning to inform the nation?  Presumably they are still plucking up the courage or maybe they are awaiting a suitable day to inter the bad news?

I’ve only been there once, and that rather briefly, but I’ll be sad to see Northern Ireland go.  It also seems unfortunate that we have sold it at a time when Eire is in such dire financial straits and seems unlikely to be able to afford it, thus thwarting once again their dreams of unification.  I wonder who bought it?  My money is on the Chinese, a middle-eastern investment vehicle or a Russian oligarch.

Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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