Protestant air freshener

In this modern age, the Ulster Unionist and the more fundamentalist Rangers supporter can always take recourse to Glade’s products when seeking to mask unwanted odours around the home.  Indeed, based on some of their advertising, these products seem to have supplanted the role taken by television in the 20th century or the Lares in Ancient Rome as a domestic shrine to gather around.  They are also very keen for us to know that they are produced by a family company, though I do wonder why this is such a good thing.  I don’t know the Johnsons myself (I don’t get out much these days), but there have been some pretty dodgy family-run businesses over the years which have given a very poor name to god-parenting (loath as I am to indulge in Italian-American stereotypes).  Still, I am indulging in the sin of digression and so should move on.

I’m not sure what the Puritans of an earlier era might have used when presented with the same problem. Perhaps the whole move to the new world was an attempt to leave the unpleasant scents of the old one behind them.

One thing which became very clear to me during a brief glimpse of “Who do you think you are?” earlier this evening is that none of these groups would have countenanced the bowl of dried petals (or other barely scented plant matter) so beloved of many a middle-class dwelling.  From William Russell to the Reverend Ian Paisley, all such hard-line protestants have been very clear about their absolute rejection of pot-pourri.

Or that’s what they seem to be saying…


Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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