A new vice

To act as a counter-balance to my normal life of simple purity and virtue, I am always on the look-out for a new vice I can add to my rather modest canon of hedonism.  Just over a week ago, I struck pay dirt.

It had been a tiring week and I nearly didn’t go out for a night of comedy at all – but I’m so glad I did.  Rather than the more traditional venue, this was held in a room above a slightly hippy, not-for-profit café in Southampton (in fact, the self-same café at which I took refreshment when I first visited Southampton to investigate it as a place to live).  I went to see Andrew O’Neill – who is a very entertaining comedian and rather different to most of his compatriots (both in dress and references to heavy metal) – but this was not the vice.

No, the vice related to the café.  As I was in a café, I eschewed the beer that might be considered a more traditional accompaniment to stand-up and went for my traditional café fare: a mug of hot chocolate (and a delicious slice of tiffin – well, unaccompanied beverages can be dangerous and need a slice of cake to keep them safe).   I was asked how I’d like my chocolate and so enquired as to the options, expecting perhaps marshmallows or whipped cream.  Nothing so prosaic, I was offered rum in my cocoa.  What a revelation, I can’t believe I’ve been drinking it without rum all these years.  It is perhaps fortunate that the flat has no rum though plenty of cocoa and milk – however, this state of affairs may not last long.  I thoroughly recommend any readers (of a legal age) to try a little rum with their nocturnal cocoa – I can’t yet speak as to whether the rum should be white or dark, but a little pleasurable experimentation should yield the answer.

Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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