A new vice: Update

After cycling home in the decidedly chilly night air (at this rate, I may need to turn the heating on) from a splendid Beethoven concert by the Elias Quartet and Malin Borman, I felt the need for a warming night cap.  (BTW: Ms Broman has the most wonderful naughty schoolgirl smile when playing – it warms the cockles).  The flat remains devoid of rum, but I felt my cocoa could do with a little boost.  I remembered an earlier discovery (documented somewhere deep in this blog) that marsala is an excellent accompaniment to a chocolate dessert.  There was a small amount of marsala in the “pantry” and so I tried an experiment with a wee slug added to my cocoa at bedtime.  Oh boy does it work!  It might be even better than rum!

Perhaps not an augmentation to be used every night (then again, cocoa is not to be taken every night, most nights I make do with a mug of camomile tea), just as needed.  Given the public service remit of this blog, I should remind all readers to drink responsibly  (though occasional irresponsibility can be a lot of fun too!).


2 thoughts on “A new vice: Update

    • Stuart Ffoulkes says:

      I must admit the small gastropod of which you speak is unknown to me – though I have consumed many a small gastropod in my time (often cooked in garlic and butter and accompanied by a glass of red Burgundy). I deduce that Marsala remains a proper noun, unlike the not wholly dissimilar sherry which lost its right to capitalisation in the distant past (along with 60% of the letters that would make up the correct spelling of Jerez). Truly, one lives and learns (and at my age, then goes onto forget and so re-start the process).

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