Not a cruiser

Not even a minesweeper in my case – that being the lowliest rank of naval vessel known to yours truly.

I know cruising (the type involving a large boat) is very popular these days, but it holds no appeal for me at all.  I dislike the idea of being trapped in a relatively small space where everything comes from the same supplier or their chosen concessionaires.  I know that the boat will dock from time-to-time and realise that in real life I seldom travel more than a couple of miles from home, but still the whole experience smacks of corporate claustrophobia.

However, many do seek just such a source of holiday fun and I now live in (or at least very near) what I assume to be the UK’s premier port for cruise liners.  I regularly see them when I’m near the docks and the modern ships are truly vast.  They tower over all of the more land-bound buildings of Southampton like sea-borne Gullivers in a south coast Lilliput.  They also dwarf the container ships and other cargo vessels that also use the docks – presumably bringing the geejaws and knick-knacks from China without which modern society would soon collapse.

I wondered why the ships were quite so vast and did not have to wait long to find my answer.  I often see the liners when I visit a hotel gym near the docks for my gymnastic training.  If no ship is in, the hotel lobby is quiet – even deserted.  However, when a liner calls the lobby is full of soon-to-be cruisers and their luggage.  And what luggage it is!  Many’s the couple carrying more “stuff” for their fortnight away than I own.  I used to have no idea that wheeled luggage was available in such enormous sizes – like a cloth covered shipping container with plastic wheels – and people can’t survive with merely one, a whole gaggle is needed.  Such is the size of the baggage that I suspect people smuggling on an industrial scale is taking place in the guise of cruising.

I am forced to conclude that 90% of these new super-liners is just cargo hold to store all of this luggage.  It would also seem that the standard ship’s cabin is significantly larger than I had imagined – certainly larger than my flat (or two bed house before it).

I, myself, travel light – I have been around the world over the course of a month using only carry-on, hand luggage.  And, this is in the days when they were rather stricter with bag sizes and weights than is true today: it would seem that you can now place a lead ingot the size of a small horse in the overhead locker without the flight crew batting an eyelid.  I dislike being burdened with a heavy bag while away, and modern technology has made this so much easier.  In days of yore, I have been forced to post books back to myself while away to provide room to buy new reading material – but no more.  I also object to wheeled suitcases as they are a menace to society – so bear the full weight of any luggage I choose to take with me.  When my long planned coup d’état finally reaches fruition and I am installed as a (mostly) benign despot, wheeled luggage will be banned – or at the very least all users will be required to have a licence to prove their ability to operate one safely and courteously.  Penalty points and fines will be issued for mis-use of such luggage and the licence revoked for repeat offenders.  I think we can all agree that this is an outcome devoutly to be wished and look forward to your unquestioning support come my glorious revolution!


Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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