Bouncing back

After the traumatic events of last Tuesday, and your author coming worryingly close to taking a short river trip with a chap called Karen (or is it Sharon?), I feel sure that many a votive candle has been lit by worried GofaDM readers.  Well, let me put your fears to rest my lovelies – following Tuesday’s wake-up call, my immune system seems to have finally stirred itself from its slumbers and put up a more spirited defence of my health.

From that very Tuesday night, I managed to start obtaining a decent night’s sleep – and last night I even did so without resort to a night nurse (a shot of the lurid green fluid, rather than the ministrations of an SRN).  The cough also seems to be on its way out (at last) and so yestere’en, for the first time since the “incident”, I reintroduced my mouth to some cox and manage to enjoy that sweet, white flesh without choking.  Yay!

My return towards rude, good health also means that I am no longer feeling sneezy, grumpy or sleepy (to continue the conceit of myself as the Snow White de nos jours)  – or no more so than usual.  My prince (charming or otherwise) remains maddeningly absent and I am starting to wonder if the Brothers Grimm are a less reliable source than hoped.  It seems that I may have to continue with gainful employment, rather than living off a minor share of the Civil List riches.

Oddly, during the height of my illness, this blog seems to have become unexpectedly popular in Germany.  I’m not sure if this helps to reinforce or to refute the stereotype held in these Isles that Germans are deficient in respect of their sense of humour.  In my own experience, this stereotype tends to be put about by the Germans themselves, but whilst they seem quite convincing at first they aren’t able to maintain the facade for long if exposed to a determined interlocutor.  Or perhaps I just tend to wear people down?


Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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