GofaDM has been inflicted on the universe for almost five years now.  Throughout its entire existence, the décor has been an unchanging feature – a rock of unwanted stability in these troubled times.  The TARDIS (and indeed its driver) has been through at least three changes of desktop in the same period and were it a leasehold property I would probably have been legally required to repaint by now.  Added to which, the use of a theme called Twenty Ten in 2015 is starting to look artfully retro.

So, as you will see I have had some men in – but now the paint is dry, the masking tape peeled off and I am ready to unveil the mildly exciting new look to the world.

Ta da!

OK, I’ll admit that the only man involved was me and I merely(!) had to select a new theme from those offered by the folk at WordPress.  Much as I love you dear readers, I was not willing to pay for a theme or for the ability to customise my own – so this is very much an off-the-peg item (rather than made-to-measure), so you may find it a little tight in places at first (I’m sure it will ride up with wear).  Nonetheless, I still had to labour for many, weary hours to make a suitable choice which would be sufficient to bear the burden of this blog.  It needed to combine a not unattractive font, large enough to be intelligible to our older readers (and the author), with an acceptable colour scheme and layout.

As well as the new desktop, a whole new “page”, to use the approved parlance, has been added: The Library.

I trust the new look meets with some small measure of your approbation.  You can, of course, comment in the usual way.  I may, likewise, continue to ignore you.  I have never claimed GofaDM was a democracy and its somewhat autarkic tendencies are likely to continue.

2 thoughts on “Redecorating

  1. matathew says:

    Thank you for seeking feedback on the redecorating, and for your assurance that any comments will be ignored. it is the new choice of font with which I have a problem. And I speak as one of your older readers (well I am older than you anyway). Although attractive to some, the new font is almost invisible on a mobile phone display. Too fine and too pale. Form over function, as they say. Also it makes the content look bland and dull, from a distance, which is not an attractive feature. I think that a bolder, blacker typeface would fare better in this digital age.

  2. Stuart Ffoulkes says:

    Thank you for your feedback, it has been passed to the appropriate department for processing.

    Oddly, I had never considered the mobile experience. I think I had always imagined GofaDM being consumed at a desk (or similar formal location) and that readers would favour evening wear (or at their most casual, black tie). While I cannot condone such actions, I know one couple who print it out to enhance their reading pleasure. I suppose, in this modern era, I should have anticipated that a few readers would have their valet bring their tablet to them on a silver tray allowing them to consume it in more relaxed style, perhaps accompanied by a suitable libation.

    I must admit that I am rather fond of the new, clean lines of the current theme – but this may prove to be a passing infatuation, so your wish may be granted one day.

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