Scent too soon?

After sending the last post out into the cruel world, I left the flat and headed to the gymnasium in the hope of encouraging time’s wingèd chariot to take the scenic route before it draws near (there is no need to hurry on my account).  As I did so, the robotic air freshener opposite once more ejaculated its perfumed, biochemical load into the hallway.  It suddenly struck me that the whole curry issue may have been a mere cover story to avoid an embarrassing social encounter.  Perhaps the robot is a hint to the author to shower a little more frequently – or just to wear some perfume to conceal his natural musk?

My own journey to boost this natural musk (it’s warm out there, folks) reminded me that perhaps my mind does not work like that of the more “normal” members of the local polis.  Seeing the corporate names emblazoned on the sides of a couple of vans caused my imagination to take a fantastical turn.

The first was for a firm called Tecnoseal (or it may have had an H) which I suspect has a perfectly prosaic business keeping leakage in check.  However, I found myself imagining a much-loved sea mammal who, following a hideous accident, was brought back from the brink of death by technological and cybernetic implants and prostheses.  Thus augmented, and possibly with the aid of some logo-bearing, skin-tight lycra, Tecnoseal now fights oceanic crime – going where the Coastguard cannot to bring malfeasants to justice.

The second van claimed allegiance to Clancydocwra.  I like to imagine Clancydocwra is some creature grown to massive size following exposure to a huge dose of radiation (a mantis shrimp perhaps, it could certainly pack a powerful punch).  When it is not wreaking havoc on the roads of this country, its day job is to rise from the ocean and attempt to destroy Tokyo – hampered only by savage combat with Godzilla.

Could I be the new Stan Lee?

Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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