Trouble with the fourth dimension

I have reason to believe that I may have been affected by illicit experiments in temporal mechanics.  I seem to be living in two distinct months at the same time.  All the official sources of information as to the current date insist that I am living through the dying days of July 2015.  However, other evidence suggests quite strongly that it is already Autumn.

Following recent heavy rains, there has been a decidedly autumnal feel to the air and our early mornings are now graced by the characteristic chill of the season of mellow fruitfulness.  Still, I will admit that these, merely climatic, signals could easily be blamed on climate change: or just the natural – if growing – variation in our weather around its drifting mean.  I could perhaps also categorise the recent pruning of the rose garden in East Park as seasonal “drift” – in this case, from February 2016 (or was it delayed form February 2015?).  At this rate, we will be able to wear fresh, local poppies on Remembrance Sunday!

Last night was, for me, the clincher.  As I arrived back at Southampton Central, the platforms were overrun by aficionados of association football in their traditional red-and-white stripped garb (looking not unlike an unwound barber’s pole) – accompanied, of course, by the more drably caparisoned members of the local constabulary to prevent any lekking displays from getting out of hand.  Their mating “plumage” was emblazoned – as is so often the case – with the name of a company of unknown industry: who or what are Veho?  (A Vietnamese poet of easy virtue?)  They were clearly fresh (ish) from what I believe is known as a “match” and strongly indicate that the football season is upon us once more.  I know the scope of the association’s works has been expanding across the year, but I was still under the impression that the season began in the autumn.  Has money changed hands and Chronos been inveigled upon to interfere with the normal flow of time?  FIFA does seem to have paid off almost everyone else and offering a backhander to Time may be their best hope for human-viable ball games in the Qatari summer.  A risky strategy as I don’t think his other half would approve and even the gods don’t fight against Ananke (then again, Sepp Blatter has never put up much of a fight against his overwhelming hubris).

So, I seem to be stuck in both July and Autumn: simultaneously.  It is terribly vexing.  I’ve had no joy with either the police – despite the long association between one of their boxes and the fixing of matters temporal – or the myriad firms of ambulance-chasing lawyers which clutter the daytime television schedules with their appeals for the blameless infirm.  Does anyone have the number for the Celestial Intervention Agency?


2 thoughts on “Trouble with the fourth dimension

  1. matathew says:

    Reluctant as I am to leave a comment on a blog which is published in almost invisible ink, and indeed encourages its readers to print off hard copies, I proffer the following…

    Your calendar is actually spot on — today (1 Aug) is the first day of Autumn according to the pagan calendar, and this weekend the Festival of Lammas is celebrated by neo-Pagans. (In Eastbourne they celebrated it a week early, last weekend.)

    Useless piece of information: August bank holiday was originally at the beginning of August (and still is in Scotland) which fits In with the pagan calendar.

  2. Stuart Ffoulkes says:

    Happy Lammastide! It would seem that pumping tonnes (and tons) of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere coupled with the o’erweening arrogance of the FA has just returned us to our pre-Christian past. As so often, the new turns out to be the very old, slightly re-hashed.

    I did find myself wondering when our pagan forbears started summer – give midsummer is around 21 June, logic would suggest somewhere around the second week of May. Google suggests Beltane which was at the start of May for the beginning of summer, which is close – but does leave summer slightly front-heavy. I must admit I find the Pagan division of the year far more satisfactory (if less even) than its modern counterpart and think I shall be adopting it for GofaDM in future.

    I’m afraid that I like the current GofaDM font, so I fear that “invisible” ink is going to be with us for a while yet (unless someone tempts towards a new theme). I’m not sure I encourage folk to print out these mutterings, but certainly can understand the temptation and would not wish to marginalise those that do (especially given that some of them brought me into this world and saw to my raising). Perhaps to counteract the environmental cost, I should encourage readers to re-use their towels and leave the car at home…

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