Just watch the tumbleweed

There hasn’t been that much new content here of late – I have been too busy doing (or at least observing) and not busy enough writing about it.  Still, with today’s post I think you will come to view the recent silence in a much more positive light.

Last night, whilst playing word games to try and ease my diseased mind into the arms of Morpheus I came up with two “jokes” and thought I’d share them with you as some sort of punishment for your loyalty

“Joke” the First

As you may have deduced by now, I see myself as a conceptual artist.  My latest series of thought provoking masterpieces are an attempt to marry the work of the upholsterer and the pâtissier to create a whole new artistic genre.  It will be the first in a line of edible furniture, so that a chaps (like myself) need never go hungry again.  My first work will be the filo sofa.  Makes you thnk, eh?

“Joke” the Latter

For this witticism, you should imagine a conversion between two people that I will call Abel and Bernoulli.

A:I am terribly allergic to both cats and dogs.  In fact, most mammal’s affect me.

B: What happens to you?

A: My eyes stream, my nose runs and my throat becomes really sore and tickly.

B: Fur cough?

A: These no need for that sort of language, I was just describing my symptoms.


Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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