A GofaDM Scoop!

After a savage bidding war, I am pleased to announce that GofaDM has won the right to serialise the most explosive publishing sensation of the 21st Century: The Lundiary.

Eschewing the modern vogue for bingeing, GofaDM will be ‘dropping’ (as I believe the modern vernacular would have it) one episode of The Lundiary for each of the next six Sundays.  This will allow any readers with access to a water cooler to discuss the latest revelations with colleagues or loved ones (which need not be mutually exclusive categories) in a stereotypical ‘moment’ on Monday morning.  Readers without access to a water cooler need not despair: while such sources of cold water loom large in the modern imagination, they are, in fact, entirely unnecessary adjuncts to the art of conversation.  Humankind managed to talk together and discuss matters of mutual interest without such devices for many thousands of years prior to their invention.

As well as its serialisation, a limited edition of physical copies of the The Lundiary will be produced: ready to grace the coffee table of even the most genteel of homes.  Actually, scratch that thought: a genteel home may wish to keep their Lundiary under lock-and-key, away from the eyes of servants and minors who could become inflamed, or develop a complex, on reading some of its more salacious content.

While the binding of the Lundiary is yet to be finalised, the fine art that will grace the cover has already been created.  Any reader who has had the misfortune to be exposed to my attempts at creativity in the visual arts will be pleased to know that only my patronage, and a degree of life modelling (my offers to pose nude were firmly rebuffed), were involved in the creation of this artwork.  While I know many talented artists, sadly they lead busy lives and would, quite reasonably, expect some form of financial remuneration.  So, my plan to commission the Aleksandr Rodchenko de nos jours had to be downsized to meet my budget and location in South Hampshire in 2019.  Luckily, I knew someone with time on their hands who was willing to bring their meagre skills in the art of photomontage to the project on the promise of a pint of West Coast IPA and the occasional chilli-infused sweetmeat.  Yes, once again I fell back upon my partner-in-crime and co-conspirator in (N)YTMG: gawpertron.  While I manage the data collection and data entry and can, if required, be expected to show off in public, gawpertron handles all the coding, web and visual design for the site.  Where something more than a data-entry-clerk-cum-gob-on-a-stick is needed, they are to whom you should look for satisfaction.  Despite my low expectations, I have to say that watching this artwork grow over the last week has made a foolish middle-aged man very happy and occasioned regular laughter: a commodity of inestimable value in these dark days…

In an attempt to build ‘buzz’ around the forthcoming serialisation, I am concluding this post with the Lundiary cover art.  Like a truly great artist, I believe gawpertron has managed to capture the essential truth of their subject (The Lundiary) in this arresting image.  While one should not judge a book by its cover, I believe this cover does allow for a degree of judgement: though I do worry that its contents will fail to live up to the glory of their visual herald…



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