My name really is spelled like that – it’s not a typo, but corrupted Welsh.  My ancestors were Welsh innkeepers and on leaving the Principality acquired a second F as a souvenir.

I am a lapsed pure mathematician, but keep myself in beer, women and skittles (other alcoholic beverages, human companionship and fruit-associated sweets are available) by predicting the future of European electricity.  Imagine me as a sort of Mystic Meg, but with less eyeliner and dry ice – “wind turbines in the east of England will be celebrating too”.

As described in The Opening Salvo, this blog will collect my somewhat random (and if we are all very lucky, mildly amusing) thoughts for the edification of the world at large.  If the muse proves amenable, the blog may even branch into new areas.

The views expressed in this blog were thought to be at least vaguely amusing by the author at the time of writing (though possibly at no other time).

No animals were harmed in the making of this blog – though I cannot guarantee the same will be true for any that read it.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hartash says:

    I hope you will tackle a review of my upcoming (do I mean upchucking?) solo exhibition with equal wit, sarcasm and erudition (I can readily provide suitable artbollocks – if you fear running short…).The invite will probably be in the post when I buy some stamps… but PVs are on Thu 8th Sept (6-9pm) and for others that fear the dark Sunday11th (11-5ish). There will be fizz and a local restaurant is dishing up samosas and the like.
    Do I hear you putting some lead in your pencil or are you retro-sharpening?

  2. Stuart Ffoulkes says:

    I’m certainly open to commissions! Though to be honest, all it really takes is for my occasionally fertile mind to produce a weak pun and a post will follow, sometimes using a review as the flimsy pretext.

    Whilst I rarely fear running short of nonsense, this blog is probably rather light on art-based flapdoodle as the author lacks the necessary vocabulary (though I have been watching a lot of art documentaries on BBC4 to try and make good this lack). However, the addition of some artistic verbiage can only enhance the reputation and gravitas of GofaDM – and potentially bring in a whole new audience (I rather fear my one, somewhat glancing, reference to Marcel Duchamp rather passed people by). My diary is free on the 8th, so I’m sharpening my retro ready…

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