(Not) Your Trusted Music Guide

Following several requests from actual people (and not just the voices in my head) this page will proffer a sample of the cultural delights that await the thrice-blessed denizen of Southampton and its environs.  Be warned: if you attend any of these events there is a risk that you might encounter the author in the flesh.  Should this happen, do not stare directly at him but, equally, never turn your back on him – he may be dangerous (or much worse, talk to you)!

I have no particular expertise in the selection of cultural gems and will not restrict myself to the world of music – or even the Southampton area.  It’s my page and I can both make and break the rules!  Any feedback will be taken under advisement (if at all), but this page is very much a work-in-progress (with the emphasis away from the work).

Times are the start or door time advertised by the venue, actual start time may differ (almost always later, sometimes much later!).

To help you, dear reader, the basic genre for each event is colour-coded: these are explained in a key at the bottom of this page.  #somusiccity

Gig Guide


Events are colour-coded by genre:

  • Music
  • Film
  • Spoken Word
  • Theatre
  • Comedy
  • Circus
  • Festival

Some venue are websites are give below: