Democracy Inaction

The southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean are aflame as the peoples of a whole series of countries demand democracy or democratic reform.  Next week, we in the (usually) more sedate UK get to play with our long standing democracy-style system of government and to vote on reform of our very own.

The AV referendum has been the only topic of conversation in the workplace, at dinner parties or down the pub for weeks now.  The tabloids and broadsheets have been covering the great AV referendum to the exclusion of almost anything else.  I think I may have caught an occasional story about two people getting married somewhere in London tomorrow – but this has been confined to the occasional short paragraph buried in the middle of the more high-brow papers.  AV memorabilia is in sale in every shop and, apparently, many have applied to hold street parties to celebrate the event – I have already seen some bunting out!

Regular readers will know of my deep theological learning – I have RS O Level, you know (and didn’t merely scrape through, either) – and so will no doubt want to know which way I am leaning.  GofaDM can exclusively reveal that the Fish will be voting Yes to AV: you really can’t beat the King James version.  I was at school in the 1970s and was exposed to the modernising horrors of the Good News Bible, a text utterly lacking in majesty or soul – who in their right mind would ever mine that 70s monstrosity for a telling quotation? (It is very much the flared trousers and terylene tank-top of biblical fashion for my money.)   While I’m sure the Vulgate is very good, I’m afraid my Latin really isn’t able to do it justice (you’re disappointed in me I know, all I can say is that it’s on my “to do”list). So, it is the Authorised Version for me every time.

Sadly, I shall be on my way to Finland on polling day – so I will miss out on the party atmosphere that will engulf this sceptred isle, but don’t worry I will be putting in my vote for the good old King James version before I leave.