Metablog Six: Vlogging a dead horse

No horses were harmed in the making of this post.

Behold!  Video…


(Sorry, not in 3D – not even in HD – but it’s the sheer technical prowess that counts!).

Yes, I’m wearing a hoody.  Yes, I’ve used YouTube!  A demonstration that middle-aged dogs can learn new tricks (and, for the cynical out there, I did not get a child to help me – I am quite childish enough without any assistance).  Or, at least this dog can still learn – I cannot speak (or bark) for other canines d’un certain âge.

The very observant may have noticed that the wall to the side of my head is, like the speaker, cracked.  This is no cause for concern – Fish Towers is not about to collapse – it is merely a little settlement (and I have some expertise in settlement, as you may have deduced from Fish Tales).

If people like the exciting new video element to GofaDM – a rather static talking head (but without the skilled writing of Alan Bennett) – I might create others.  If, as seems more likely, the general response is one of revulsion followed by a high-profile campaign to prevent further such outrages, then I fear this will act like a red rag to a bull and the vlogging will continue until morale improves!

Delivery Day

Muted celebrations today at Fish Towers as the world marks the anniversary of our hero being brought forth into existence.  It seems hard to believe (for anyone who has seen my youthful visage, or read the somewhat childish nature of this blog) that I have made it through the last 140 years single-handed (a number base “joke” for you there).

Despite my advanced age, I did managed to fit in a whole new experience today.  For the first time I have tasted the hypocotyl of the celeriac (also known, more amusingly, as knob celery).  No looker the celeriac – definitely not the Helen of the root vegetable world (I struggle to imagine carrots launching ships to recover it from marauding parsnips) – but perfectly edible and, perhaps to no-one’s surprise but my own, tasting of celery (though not, so far as I know, of knob).

Otherwise, I have largely ignored any special significance that might attach to the day – I have seen the earth arrive at roughly the same relative point in its peregrinations around the sun quite a few times before, and the novelty value is starting to wear off.

In what might best be considered as a coincidence this blog has also just passed 1000 page views (and here we are safely back in Base 10).  I can’t help but wonder if I should worry about this – but I like to think I am (in some modest way) slowly educating the world.  So, as this blog seems to have become a calling, I rather fear it will continue – despite the unfathomable (or should that be un-metre-able in SI units?) viewing patterns of its readership.