Not just a Sudanese River

Well, Egypt always receives any plaudits related to the Nile, I felt it was time to redress the balance a little.  Yes, as you will have realised, this post is all about denial.

Some of you may have read a story in the news stating that surveys have recorded “brainless fish” – here is but one example of this scurrilous piece of journalism.  I would like to make absolutely clear that this story in no way relates to me.  I’ve never even been to Orkney – though if anyone’s offering I could readily be persuaded.  I’m sure Up Helly Aa would be a lot more fun than anything we Sassenachs are offered in early January (though, on a personal level,  my own weekend is looking rather good – even without a (known) Viking component).

Talking of the weekend, how long have people been using the acronym NYE?  I don’t recall seeing it before and so have spent most of the week wondering what was going on in New Amsterdam (as was) beginning with “E”.  On reflection, I suppose it makes some sense, in many ways the end of 2011 is indeed NYE (on the reasonable assumption that it is pronounced to rhyme with lye or bye).