Very like a cake walk I would imagine, but yeastier (and lower in fat, though that may depend on the bun – and the dancer).

Following the substantial success of my (almost) hot cross buns, I have taken the lessons learned and repeated the experiment – replicability being very important in any scientific advance.  Doubling the proving time and temperature (in celsius, not kelvin which is beyond my oven’s capabilities and would, at best, have yielded charcoal), followed by lowering the cooking temperature by 10% and time by 20%, yielded an octet of hot (cross-less or full moon) buns as close to perfection as is possible in this entropy-afflicted world.  Whilst I am blaming the “recipe” here for the need to make adjustments to the process before I could craft perfect buns (nothing to do with either my hair – which may need cutting, but is not yet in any state to form a credible bun – or my six glutei (yes, I do have six – trust me), which are “of steel” or certainly feel like it when sitting on a hard pew), it could be that the temperature calibration of my oven is less than accurate.  This begs the question (in my mind, if nowhere else): are there oven tuners that could be called in to ensure that the temperature I select by dial is the one delivered by element? (In the same way that a piano tuner ensures that the middle C key on my piano produces a note a smidge over 261Hz when depressed – which would make it part of C Minor, I suppose).

This successful replication opens the (oven) doors to a much wider range of Saccharomyces-based cookery in the days to come (assuming there are plural days yet-to-come, but let’s be positive!).  I rather fancy tackling the “rollicking bun” made famous in the Sorcerer (G&S reference, natch) – but I have yet to find a recipe (or a regular source (sorce?) for eye-of-newt or toe-of-frog, though I do live in the right area for the fenny snake – even if I rather suspect that filleting a snake may call for specialised skills) – so I may have to make do with that card-carrying friend of Dorothy, Sally Lunn (which apparently is not a Bath bun, though is a bun from Bath).

Did you notice how my brackets have started nesting?  Well, it is the spring and bracket eggs need somewhere safe to be incubated before they hatch into new brackets. Well, you didn’t think brackets just bud asexually like yeast did you?  Come on, there are clearly two sexes…

{And several species…}.