Pitching a TV Show: The First Attempt

I was shaving this morning, properly, with a blade – actually with 4 blades, though I’m still too scared to switch the vibration option on (I fear a blood bath, or blood sink: as previously established I’m not a big fan of the bath) – and whilst noting that the bathroom sink could do with a clean, came up with a wizard new TV show idea.

I think this idea would be best for a channel like five or Bravo, and could provide a new vehicle for Danny Dyer or Ross Kemp.  The series would be entitled, “Britain’s Hardest Water”, and would involve the presenter looking at tap-water around the country and getting it to demonstrate just how “hard” it is.

Incidentally, tap water provides a nice counter to the traditional north-south stereotyping, whereby the south is generally consider ‘soft’ in all ways.  Trust me, Cambridge tap water is seriously hard – it’s basically liquid marble.

Feel free to continue the lunacy...

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