Revenge is a dish best served hot…

… with white beans and chorizo.

Longer term readers of GofaDM (who have also looked at straitjackets and padded wallpaper) will (I hope) recall my long standing vendetta against rabbit-kind.  As an aide-memoire to the older reader, let me just say that rabbits – along with motorists, pedestrians and most other cyclists – are the natural enemy of the bicycle user.  Bunnies, in common with the other non-motorised road users mentioned, attempt to use my bicycle to immolate themselves (motorists, on the other hand, try to immolate me) and I feel the need to swerve to avoid them for fear of the damage which might be caused to me (and my bike) should I allow the desired consummation of their life’s journey to be achieved at my wheels.

I will admit that since moving to Southampton, rabbits are less of a hazard in my daily life than in the rural idyll of South Cambs – but GofaDM neither forgives nor forgets!

Yesterday, I went to London for pleasure – a rare occurrence in recent months due to a combination of work, fatigue (not unrelated to work) and rail replacement bus services.  My ostensible purpose was (as you might have guessed) theatrical.  I took in a matinée of Hope at the Royal Court – which I would say was Jack Thorne’s finest work yet, and was as close to my perfect play (as of early December 2014) as I could hope to see.  My visit (and purchase of the playtext/programme) also means that, at times of extremis, I can now always find Hope in my bookcase!

Before the play, I availed myself of the little (and crowded) artisan food market which had appeared near to the Saatchi Gallery.  For no more than the cost of a generic sandwich-based meal available from a Pret, Simply M&S (or similar), I had a hefty chunk of filo, spinach and feta quiche (as already established, I am at best a virtual man) followed by a similarly generous and even more delicious lump of date and walnut cake.  These I ate on an entirely deserted bench just a short stroll away from the point of purchase, but clearly beyond the walking capability of my fellow humans, who were all crowded together on a low wall a few yards closer to the food stalls (or perhaps they were huddling together for warmth – but I come from hardier stock!).

Substantial as my lunch was, food does not last for long in the furnace of my metabolism and so after the play, hunger once again came knocking (and gurgling).  So, I hopped on a number 19 bus and headed toward Greek Street.  It must be almost six months since I last visited number 10 – but I was still remembered: the prodigal customer returning (as it were).  As I often mention, I am mostly vegetarian – but I do make exceptions.  Usually, this is for venison – to make up for the fact that our ancestors removed all their natural predators from these lands – but I always stand ready to make an exception for members of family Leporidae.  Over the last few years, this last exception has never been invoked for rabbit had never appeared on a menu – but yesterday, Todd informed that that rabbit was to be the key constituents of one of the specials (so still not on the menu) – and so I jumped at it!  Let me say that revenge is absolutely delicious.  Rabbit is a white meat, and delivers a very decent drumstick and I would heartily recommend anyone who is not already committed to a North American bird (genus Meleagris) should consider a rabbit (or several) as the centrepiece of their Christmas feasting.  The rabbit was followed by a simply divine date pudding – moist and light, a trick I have never mastered.

I finished the day off with (i feel fine) at the New Diorama Theatre – a venue whose existence I had only discovered on Tuesday.  A curious play – a rom-com (ish) where the rom starts on the first day of the end of the world – but enjoyable and complete in a very respectable 75 minutes.

Oddly, rabbits had made a not insubstantial appearance in Hope earlier than afternoon – an omen perhaps?  Or merely coincidence?  You decide!  (Hint: the second answer is the right one).  Nonetheless, a very satisfactory and tasty day (of rabbit, theatre and double-date) – though any long-eared readers should not imagine that my revenge is complete.  Certainly not now I have a taste for their kind.  Mwahahahaha!


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