The End of the Euro?

Fear not, I am not going to wheel out some reasoned, economic treatise on why the conjoined currencies of continental Europe are doomed to impending divorce.  Though I will note that I am far from convinced that a currency organised for the City of London is appropriate for Southampton, let alone Anglesey, and so have my doubts that the ‘one size’ which fits Frankfurt would also fit Olymbiada.  No, as per usual, GofaDM will take the road less travelled by in its predictions on the future of the Euro zone.

I have spent a chunk of this last week in Dundalk, in that portion of Hibernia where the Euro and kilometre hold sway.  Unusually for a business trip, I did see a little of Dundalk itself: partly by dint of getting lost and partly by dining in town one evening.  Should you find yourself hungry in Dundalk, I can recommend Eno’s with readily available parking just outside the cathedral.  If you are going, I should warn you that Tuesday night is Date Night!  As I went on Tuesday with two male colleagues, this fact generated much innocent amusement.  You should also beware that, despite what you may have heard from Ken Bruce, Friday night is Ladies’ Night (though I suppose music may also be involved).

Anyway, prior to this trip o’er the Irish Sea, I felt it prudent to acquire some of the local currency: rather than relying on barter or my hench physique to see me through.  As a practical chap, I thought I’d visit the local branch of my bank to meet my needs.  For those lacking the two ‘O’ levels in Geography which have stood me in such good stead throughout my life, I should point out that Southampton is a major port and lies closer – as the herring gull flaps – to continental Europe than it does to London.  So, it came as something of a shock when my bank told me that they did not keep Euros in stock.  Apparently, you have to order them in advance: well, it is a terribly obscure currency – they must struggle to clear any surplus stock.  As I operate my life in accordance with the principles of kanban (or just-in-time), this didn’t work for me.  I was forced to use the Post Office: a mile further from the Euro zone, but still able to muster some faith in the continued existence of its currency.

Do the seers of the Co-operative Bank know something about the Euro not vouchsafed to the rest of us (or indeed the Post Office)?  Am I taking a terrible financial risk keeping some £50 of my hard-earned cash in Euros?  There are vague mutterings of a new market crash, should we be taking my experience as a warning?

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