Metablog Six: Vlogging a dead horse

No horses were harmed in the making of this post.

Behold!  Video…


(Sorry, not in 3D – not even in HD – but it’s the sheer technical prowess that counts!).

Yes, I’m wearing a hoody.  Yes, I’ve used YouTube!  A demonstration that middle-aged dogs can learn new tricks (and, for the cynical out there, I did not get a child to help me – I am quite childish enough without any assistance).  Or, at least this dog can still learn – I cannot speak (or bark) for other canines d’un certain âge.

The very observant may have noticed that the wall to the side of my head is, like the speaker, cracked.  This is no cause for concern – Fish Towers is not about to collapse – it is merely a little settlement (and I have some expertise in settlement, as you may have deduced from Fish Tales).

If people like the exciting new video element to GofaDM – a rather static talking head (but without the skilled writing of Alan Bennett) – I might create others.  If, as seems more likely, the general response is one of revulsion followed by a high-profile campaign to prevent further such outrages, then I fear this will act like a red rag to a bull and the vlogging will continue until morale improves!

4 thoughts on “Metablog Six: Vlogging a dead horse

  1. Stuart Ffoulkes says:

    Well, I did learn the new tricks – though it did take three attempts to get YouTube and my Mac-recorded video to play nicely together. When YouTube tells you that your video is now available to be viewed, it can also mean that what is, in fact, viewable is a message saying your video is incompatible.

    Next time, I may try and record direct into YouTube – without going via PhotoBooth and iMovie (a process which takes 4 times the running time of the video being processed) – though this does preclude the option of editing the finished product. Still, surely the loss of a little polish is a small price to pay for the excitement provided by a live “performance”?

    I await the vituperation and Nazi-comparison based comments that are, I believe, so much a part of the YouTube experience with thinly veiled an-ti-ci-pa-tion!

  2. matathew says:

    It was well worth waiting through the lanthanide period for your vlog debut. A polished and (fortunately) relatively unrushed delivery, I thought. Congratulations on 200 uploads. They have been a pleasure to read, or in this case, to behold.

  3. Stuart Ffoulkes says:

    I am blushing ‘neath my manly tan. Though, it is worth remarking that the combination of my webcam, a variety of Apple software and YouTube has rendered my complexion rather pallid. They do, however, leave it abundantly clear that I am not a woman posing as a member of the weaker sex. Perhaps I should wear a cravat in future? It would add a touch of much needed class, if nought else.

    I may also need to invest in a better anti-reflection coating for my specs – or learn to broadcast using only my unaided vision (myopic, presbyopic and astigmatic though it may be). I could try shades, or would that seem too rock’n’roll? (Though, I suppose the content would dispel that particular illusion in pretty short order.)

    If I am to do this again, I suppose I ought to actually watch the vlog myself – and see if there are any lessons to be learned. However, I can’t face the horror just yet – let me keep my illusions (or delusions) just a little longer…

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